From street art to coffee farms, Medellin offers a unique Colombian experience with a modern twist.


Live the transformation of Medellín after the dark era of drug cartels, spotted today as a new hub for innovation and hotspot for technology and creativity. Don’t miss our cultural heritage, coffee culture and the connection with our evolving community!

Did you know that Medellin is home to the largest urban cable car system in the world? Come and explore with us!

Beyond Colombia | Medellín
Beyond Colombia | Medellín

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If you’re traveling alone, with friends, with family, for a few days or even if you’re here on a layover, we have a tour that fits you perfectly. Free Tours, Shared Tours, or Private Tours, find your favorite way to discover Medellín!

Do you have limited time but want to know the essentials of Medellín?

Let us guide you through the history, culture, and gastronomy of the capital with the best local hosts!

Enjoy our Free Walking Tours in Medellín every day and meet people from all around the world while exploring the city in a fun, entertaining and diverse way. All free tours are based on tips depending on your satisfaction.

Would you like to explore beyond the city, comfortably and budget friendly?

We save you the trouble of taking buses (long distances) and buying tickets! Share our exclusive transportation with other travelers, let our bilingual driver take you to the places you can’t miss and live an unforgettable day.

Our half-day and full-day tours are available every day and there's a fixed price per person so if you are traveling alone or accompanied you can join a group and pay for 1!

Make the most of your time, save money and enjoy. We include transportation, entrances, bilingual drivers and guided experience at most of the attractions. No extra costs!

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Are you looking for a personalized experience for you, your family or friends? We adjust to your needs!

All the tours we offer available as Free and Shared Tours can be taken with a Private Tour Guide and transportation (if needed).  

Flexible schedules, a guide that speaks your language and no rush! Enjoy the best of our private tours at your own time and pace.

Beyond Colombia Free Tours | Medellín Private Tour Beyond Colombia Free Tours | Medellín Private Tour

Do you have a specific destination or attraction in mind and want the company of a local guide? You can hire our Beyond Colombia Buddy!

This is a new way of exploring the city if you want to take your time and pace for a longer visit in the city or surroundings. You can hire our Guide and/or Transportation services per hour.

We are available for you or your group of family or friends from 3 hours to 8 hours per day, so you can decide the availability you prefer for your visit.

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Check out our best recommendations and spots you can’t miss in Medellin!

Download our Medellín’s Free Tour Map to enjoy every corner of the historic center: from restaurants to museums, find out everything you’ll need to make your visit memorable.

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