Discover the explosion of street art and vibrant colors of Bogotá!

Explore Bogotá on an exciting graffiti city tour, where every corner becomes an urban masterpiece that will captivate you.

Tour Description

Come and immerse yourself in the captivating world of urban art with our exciting graffiti city tour in Bogotá.

Discover a city that transforms into a living canvas, where each corner is a unique and vibrant artistic expression. Accompanied by passionate local guides, we will explore the most authentic and historically-rich neighborhoods, unveiling the striking masterpieces of talented street artists. From impressive murals that narrate stories of Colombian culture and heritage to thought-provoking social messages, this experience will connect you with the heart and soul of Bogotá.

Don't miss this opportunity to admire the ever-evolving art that colors our city and leaves an indelible mark on your heart. Join us on this journey and let yourself be captivated by the fascinating world of graffiti in Bogotá.

Beyond Colombia | Tour: Free Graffiti Tour Bogota
Beyond Colombia | Tour: Free Graffiti Tour Bogota

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Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Graffiti Tour Bogota

Meeting Point

Find us next to the Museo del Oro with purple umbrellas! GMaps

Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Graffiti Tour Bogota

Finish Point

Bogotá's Cinemateca

Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Graffiti Tour Bogota

Schedule: From Monday to Sunday at 10:00 & 14:00

Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Graffiti Tour Bogota

Duration: 3 hours

Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Graffiti Tour Bogota

Language: English

Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Graffiti Tour Bogota

Cost: Based on tips

  • Artistic Expression: Bogotá's graffiti scene is renowned for its creativity and unique artistic expression.
  • Vibrant Culture: Graffiti art reflects the vibrant and diverse culture of Bogotá.
  • Social aspect: Many graffiti pieces in Bogotá convey powerful social and political messages.
  • Local Interaction: Guided graffiti tours often involve interaction with local artists and community members.
  • Photographic Opportunities: For photography enthusiasts.
  • Unique Experience: Engaging in a graffiti city tour provides a unique and immersive experience, making your visit to Bogotá even more memorable and meaningful.

  • An open mind to comprehend all our history.
  • Water or your preferred form of hydration. This is a walking tour, and you may feel thirsty.
  • Comfortable shoes and sunblock. You’ll walk about 5 km while also making some stops to listen to the guide.
  • Comfortable clothes. No pressure to look amazing, feel free to wear what makes you feel better.
  • Keep your friends close, and your belongings even closer. We’ll visit some crowded areas, so don’t give papaya!

  • Professional guide Precise knowledge of Colombian history. We promise not to take sides.
  • Visits to authentic street art spots in Bogotá.
  • Benefits and discounts with our recommended partners if you show the bracelet we'll provide at the end of the tour, exclusive to our participants.
  • Recommendations from local partners for lunch, coffee, souvenirs, and much more!

  • Drinks, food, or souvenirs.
  • Roundtrip hotel transportation.
  • Transportation during the tour. We will walk and make stops to rest.
  • Entrance fees or tickets. We won't take you to places with sudden additional charges.
  • Exclusive tour guide. Remember it's a shared tour, and we're sure you'll meet amazing people.

Private Tour

Beyond Colombia Tours | Free Graffiti Tour Bogota Free Tours

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