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Visit the 1st Wonder of Colombia and the 2nd largest Cathedral made out of salt in the world!

Tour Description

Embark on a captivating day tour to the enchanting Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral, an extraordinary underground salt complex nestled 180 meters below the earth's surface. Immerse yourself in the remarkable architectural feats of Colombian heritage and miners' faith.

Begin your journey at the First Station, where you will traverse the profound Stations of the Cross, symbolizing Jesus' last steps. This immersive experience sets the stage for the grandeur that awaits you at the Great Center Dome, a breathtaking subterranean cathedral boasting the largest underground salt cross.

Marvel at the fusion of Colombian architecture and miners' devotion as you explore the intricate salt tunnels adorned with captivating carvings and sculptures. Delve into the cultural significance of this unique underground sanctuary, guided by knowledgeable experts who unveil the history and spiritual essence of the Salt Cathedral.

Experience the allure of this extraordinary subterranean wonder, combining elements of artistry, faith, and natural beauty. The Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral offers a spiritual journey, transporting you to a realm of profound serenity and cultural heritage.

Book your day tour to the Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral today and unlock the hidden treasures of Colombian architecture and miners' faith. Discover the captivating allure of this underground masterpiece, a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Immerse yourself in the rich history, awe-inspiring architecture, and spiritual significance that make this a must-visit destination in Zipaquirá.

Beyond Colombia | Tour: Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Tour
Beyond Colombia | Tour: Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Tour

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Beyond Colombia Tours | Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Tour

Meeting Point

We pick you up at your hotel/hostel

*You must make your reservation no later than 8pm (20h) the day before the date of your Tour request.

Beyond Colombia Tours | Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Tour

Finish Point

At your hotel/hostel

Beyond Colombia Tours | Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Tour

Schedule: From Monday to Sunday at 08:00

Beyond Colombia Tours | Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Tour

Duration: 8 hours

Beyond Colombia Tours | Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Tour

Language: English & Spanish

Beyond Colombia Tours | Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Tour

Cost: $270.000

  • What’s the relation between the indigenous commerce and the most beautiful underground cathedral of the world? Find it out with the audio guide available for you, in your language!

  • The catholic faith as one of the pillars of the creation of the mine. 

  • The great engineering work behind the whole cathedral, how the design and precision, gave life to one of Colombia’s marvels. 

  • The original church used by the first miners, and how they brought together ancestral beliefs with catholic traditions. 

  • The Muiscas and how their traditions are alive in a small town with a colonial center. 

  • And so much more! 

  • Water or your preferred form of hydration. You’ll be walking inside the Cathedral, and you may feel thirsty.

  • Comfortable shoes. You’ll walk about 1.5 km while also making some stops to appreciate the Cathedral.

  • Comfortable clothes. No pressure to look amazing, feel free to wear what makes you feel better.

  • Keep your friends close, and your belongings even closer. The Cathedral can be full of people from time to time, so don’t give papaya!


*This is a shared tour available only on demand with a minimum of 2 people. If you are only 1 person, fill out the Form below and wait for our Booking Manager reply to let you know if we already have an existing group tour that you can join.

  • Private Transportation with hotel/hostel pickup and drop-off
  • Salt Cathedral Entrance Ticket
  • Driver/guide to show you the best landscapes on the way. 
  • Tour guide (for groups of more than 4 people)
  • Audio guide in your language included
  • Panoramic tour in the center of the town of Zipaquirá.
  • Free time for lunch

  • Drinks, food, or souvenirs.. 

  • Extra tickets or entrances. We won’t take you to places where sudden extra charges apply!

  • Exclusive tour guide. Remember this is a shared tour, we’re sure you’ll meet new amazing people.

Private Tour

Beyond Colombia Tours | Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Tour Free Tours

If you are a group of more than 4 people or if you want to take a private experience of this tour, let us guide you through the greatest Salt Cathedral of the world, and the original El Dorado legend with an exclusive tour guide. Click the following button and request your personalized tour.

Once you send your request, please check your email for our confirmation and further instructions to enjoy your vacations to the fullest!

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