Come and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Siloé, where beauty meets social transformation!

Discover the authentic essence of Cali in Siloé, a neighborhood full of culture, art and traditions, where each corner tells a unique story.

Tour Description

Siloé embodies the very essence of diversity and vitality. Its steep and colorful streets take you on a journey full of culture and deep-rooted traditions. Here, street art comes to life in every corner, with vibrant murals telling stories of resistance and hope.

From the top of its hills, there is an impressive panoramic view of the city and its majestic mountains. But beyond its visual beauty, Siloé is a living testimony of social transformation, where community projects have strengthened education, infrastructure, and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

In Siloé, authenticity is in the air, inviting you to immerse yourself in its streets, enjoy its music, its dances and its gastronomy, and let yourself be carried away by the vibrant and welcoming energy of this hidden jewel in Cali.

Beyond Colombia | Tour: Siloé Comuna 20 Tour
Beyond Colombia | Tour: Siloé Comuna 20 Tour

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Beyond Colombia Tours | Siloé Comuna 20 Tour

Meeting Point

Find us at Texaco La Nave 

*Calle 1 con cra 42 

Beyond Colombia Tours | Siloé Comuna 20 Tour

Finish Point

At Texaco La Nave

Beyond Colombia Tours | Siloé Comuna 20 Tour

Schedule: From Monday to Saturday at 10:00

Beyond Colombia Tours | Siloé Comuna 20 Tour

Duration: 3 hours

Beyond Colombia Tours | Siloé Comuna 20 Tour

Language: Spanish

Beyond Colombia Tours | Siloé Comuna 20 Tour

Cost: $75.000

  • Culture and Traditions: Siloé is known for its rich culture and deep-rooted traditions.

  • Art and murals: Siloé is famous for its impressive murals and street art.

  • Panoramic view: Siloé is located on a hill, which offers panoramic views of the city of Cali.

  • Transformation project: Siloé has undergone a process of social and urban transformation in recent years.

  • An open mind to comprehend all our history.

  • Water or your preferred form of hydration. This is a walking tour, and you may feel thirsty.

  • Comfortable shoes and sunblock. You’ll walk about 5 km while also making some stops to listen to the guide.

  • Comfortable clothes. No pressure to look amazing, feel free to wear what makes you feel better.

  • Keep your friends close, and your belongings even closer. We’ll visit some crowded areas, so don’t give papaya!


*This is a shared tour available only on demand with a minimum of 2 people. If you are only 1 person, fill out the Form below and wait for our Booking Manager reply to let you know if we already have an existing group tour that you can join.

  • Spanish local guide
  • English translator ($150.000 COP extra per group)
  • Insurance
  • Souvenir

  • Transportation from or to your hostel/hotel
  • Extra drinks or food

  • Tickets or entrances. We won’t take you to places where sudden extra charges apply!

  • Exclusive tour guide. Remember this is a shared tour, we’re sure you’ll meet new amazing people

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